RITS: Forever Knight: A Stirring of Dust, Chapter 6

Honesty times, Snowflakes. I don’t like Radu, and I don’t like these flashbacks. Zombie vampires would keep me interested, but it’s all about a manufactured love interest with Janette, now, so I’m a little bored. And this chapter doesn’t help, because the first half is all about Radu – and the second half is MetroPD’s outstanding police work.

Radu, if you hadn’t figured it out yet, is totally the vampire from the silver box who’s running around slicing people’s heads off. He slept in a dumpster during the day, and there’s an interesting bit about how the silver calms him, keeps him from dreaming. Silver, of course, is tied up in a lot of paranormal legends. It’ll kill werewolves, and in some tellings of vampires, it will injure or kill them, too. This is the first legend I’ve seen where silver is a boon to the vampire. Continue reading

SGRoA: Forever Knight S03 E07: Hearts of Darkness

Snowflakes! I don’t really have anything to talk about here, because life has been boring lately, but! I do have a recap for you! Let’s get started!

So, the Raven is a strip club now? And it’s amateur night? Lacroix seems awfully happy to proclaim that his customers are going to “reveal their inner selves by GETTING NAKED!”

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RITS: Forever Knight: A Stirring of Dust, Chapters 4&5

In case you don’t follow my TV recaps (but you totally should, they’re awesome), this one’s a double-header because I was sick last weekend and couldn’t blog. But I’m all better now, and we have TWO chapters today, so let’s get to it!

Chapter 4 opens with a Nightcrawler monologue about family. What makes one, what shapes us into who we become. But it’s really just a segue to hang out in Lacroix’s head for a while, and I’m very pleased to be here. Much cheerier than Nick’s head, and much more philosophical than Tracy or Nat. But then, I do love my villains – so much so, they sometimes become heroes. Continue reading

SGRoA: Forever Knight S03 E06: My Boyfriend Is A Vampire

Snowflakes! I know I owe you a RITS, and I’m going to do double chapters on Friday. I was ill over the weekend, and just couldn’t find the energy to blog. I promise, I’ll do better! Let’s recap!

We’re watching “The Jerry Show”, and the subject is people who have sex with weird shit. Ghosts, etc. One of the guests claims that her boyfriend is a vampire, and the shot pulls out until we see Nat watching this on one of those tiny 90s portable TVs in the lab. And then we’re back in the studio, and Tracy’s in the audience! Continue reading

SGRoA: Forever Knight S03 E05: Blind Faith

Snowflakes! It’s 70 degrees here! I can’t even tell you how happy I am to have some spring. I know we’ll have some more snow – probably on Easter, since I bought a new dress that will not work with boots – but hey, for now, I’m enjoying smoking on the patio.

Let’s recap!

A blind woman and her dog are out walking at night. The dog is whining, which is obviously a sound effect, because his tail is wagging. They find a bench and the lady lets him off his leash, presumably so he can get some exercise or poop or something. Do service dogs get trained to poop in the same places, or in, like, a doggie litterbox or something? Hmm. Questions I’ve never thought to ask.

Anyway. The dog is digging around, and two hands come out of the dirt and pull the dog down.

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RITS: Forever Knight: A Stirring of Dust, Chapter 3

Okay, guys, unlike this week’s TV recap, I actually was able to make sense of everything that happened in this chapter. Thank goodness. I couldn’t have taken two days of this:


So, we start with Screed. He’s puttering around the sewers, looking for rats to eat, which apparently makes him a carouche, which, as I learned from next week’s episode synopsis, Continue reading

SGRoA: Forever Knight S03 E04: Blackwing: WTF Edition

It’s snowing, Snowflakes. I mean, I know it’s snowing in a lot of places, and yes, it snows in Denver, but it’s been snowing like every other day and it hasn’t gotten warm and nothing’s melting. Blech. I need my 50-degree days between snows, okay? I’m used to them!

Anyway. Recaps don’t take snow days – and neither does MiniWinters’s school! – so let’s get to it!

An old man – I want to say Native American, but I believe in Canada it’s First Nations? – is performing a ritual, with chanting and smoke. There seems to be a vision going on? of two First Nations people meeting in the woods, a young man and a young woman. The woman calls the man “Grandfather”, and he ends up dead, just as the old dude does, and this wakes the woman in the vision from the vision? Or it was a dream? Anyway, dude’s dead, and granddaughter is crying in bed. Continue reading