SGRoA: Forever Knight S02 E25: A More Permanent Hell

Guys, this is the last disc in season 2, and it has previews and an “About The Show” and fan questions AND two commentaries! What the what, yo. They pulled out all the stops, apparently.

“About The Show” is a 20-minute feature; “Questions From Fans” is 8 minutes of people answering questions. Perhaps – if you’re lucky – I’ll throw up an extra recap for those. They seem equally fascinating and risible. But for now, I think I’ll just do this week’s ep with Nigel Bennett’s commentary. I know I love that.

We open on an observatory. A nerdy scientist with huge glasses comes down the stairs from the telescope to talk to two other scientists at a computer. Apparently, glasses dude ran a diaper service with his wife in Toronto that Nigel used for his second son. Can anyone else picture Nigel as a father to human children? Continue reading

SGRoA: Forever Knight S2 E24: The Code

Hello, Snowflakes! Been a pretty boring week around here, and cold the whole time, which is weird for Colorado. I’m looking forward to Thursday’s promised 50s, but I’m not holding my breath, considering we’re getting unanticipated snow right now. Let’s recap!

Some blonde woman is cutting lines of coke with a hilariously off-brand “credit card”, which might actually just say “Credit Card” in Visa’s colors. You know, like those fake ones they put in wallets? Yeah. I don’t think it does a great job, because she starts freaking out and then crashes through a glass coffee table.

Meanwhile, Schanke’s stuck on the side of the road with a car that won’t start, and he gets rear-ended by a nun. For some reason, this causes him to spin in the street like he’s going to start a musical number, Continue reading

SGRoA: Forever Knight S02 E23: Be My Valentine: TV Dick Edition

Snowflakes! I am alive! The holiday season – and the kitchen renovation we did – was much more taxing than I thought it would be. Also, I got sick. But I’m better now, the kitchen is done (and it’s gorgeous, OMG, I love cooking again), and I am looking for any excuse not to edit GOLD. Let’s recap!

Some lady is carrying way too much stuff and stops for the mail. I know, you think “Murdered on her stoop!”, but you’d be wrong. She gets an anonymous Valentine’s Day card with some terrible poetry and no signature. But uh-oh: the poem inside is missing the last line, which is written Continue reading

Room 217

All work and no play makes Cate a dull girl.
 ALl work and no play makes Cata dull girl.
 all work and no play makes Cate a dull girl
 All work and no play makes Cate a dull girl.
 All worl and no play makes Kate a dull Girl.
 All  work a nd no play  makes Cate a dull girl.
This just kills me pun pic.
All work and no play makes Cate a dull girl.
 All work and no  play makes Cate a dull girl.
 All work andd no play amkes Cate a dull gir;.
 All worl and no play makes Cate a dull girl.
 All work and no play makes Cate a dull girl.
 All work and no play makes cate a dull girl.

Meanwhile in the kitchen…

Sorry I’ve been MIA Snowflakes, but we’ve been busy trying to get the kitchen finished. We’ve been living off fast food and frozen dinners, and we’re craving a good old fashioned home-cooked meal.

SGRoA: Forever Knight S02 E22: Close Call: Star Trek Edition

Guys! It snowed! It is, in fact, still snowing! After 70 degree temps well into this month, I figured I’d never get any winter. I’m so happy. Let’s recap!

Some dude with a huge gun – and no, that’s not a euphemism – is being chased down an alley by Schanke, who is at a definite disadvantage with this gun thing. Of course, Nick flies down from somewhere, and since all Schanke sees is movement, he tells Nick to freeze. The dude with the gun almost gets the jump on them, but Schanke fires in time. Too bad he just wounds the guy, who gets back up as Schanke’s turning to Nick. Nick calls out a warning and jumps from the fire escape where he’s been standing to the ground, and knocks the guy out before he can shoot Schanke. Which is all way too fast and accurate for a human to do, so Schanke is Continue reading