I Saw “50 Shades”, But You’ll Probably Have To, Anyway.

So. Last week, I signed up for the free trial at MoviePass. I don’t know that I can see over $35 worth of movies a month – they’re cheap out here – but the free trial has been amazing. And since I wasn’t paying for the movie, I saw “50 Shades Of Grey”. Not so you wouldn’t have to – I’m sure someone will drag you to it – but because I can’t criticize something if I haven’t read or seen it. Continue reading

SGRoA: Forever Knight: S03 E03: Outside The Lines

It’s all about coloring today, Snowflakes! Nick will mope about the coloring books available, and Tracy will happily sharpen everyone’s crayons, and Nat will be off doing some experiment with pigments.

Ahh, wouldn’t that be nice? I doubt it, though. Let’s recap!

We open in a club, which has much better music than we usually get in these scenes. Some dude in a Chandler Bing sweater is trying to sell drugs, but his girlfriend doesn’t want to do “business” and starts macking on another dude. Chandler tells her to knock it off, and a third dude pulls a knife on him, because you don’t do business before pleasure. Continue reading

Reading In The Snow: Forever Knight: A Stirring of Dust, Prologue and Chapter One

ARE YOU READY? Of course you are, you were born ready for this, right? Right. I should tell you, I’m going to use the books as an opportunity to talk about writing as well as reading and giving the basic storyline. I don’t know much about television and screenwriting, so I don’t say much about it in the TV recaps, but book writing I know a thing or two about (I hope), so I feel more confident pointing out the things I think work and the things I think don’t. By all means, take to the comments section and tell me how wrong I am, so I can argue with you. :D

All right, Snowflakes, let’s get this book party started! Continue reading

SGRoA: Forever Knight S03 E02: Black Buddha, Part 2

Morning, Snowflakes! The novel recap will be up on Friday, but until then, let’s recap the show!

This ep starts with the credits. Hmmm. Interesting. But after that, we’re back into the bombing investigation, with Nick being accosted by the press on the steps of the precinct. 23 cops died in the bombings at the end of the last episode.

Reese asks Nick where Tracy is, but of course Nick doesn’t know. Reese asks a uniform to call her house and her cell, I guess? And not to call her parents, obviously. Continue reading

SGRoA: Forever Knight S03 E01: Black Buddha, Part 1

Snowflakes. I am sorry to do this to you. But it is how the season starts, so there’s no way around it. Get your tissues ready.

We open on a dude making a bomb, intercut with some people having really aggressive sex. Like, they’re knocking stuff off the nightstands and shit. Oh. It’s the bomb builder who’s having the sex. With a flight attendant. To whom he then gives the bomb, so she can take it on the plane – “Promise not to open it until you’re airborne.” Do people who bomb things usually have active sex lives? It doesn’t seem to fit, to me, but I’m not a forensic psychiatrist or anything, so, you know. Continue reading

Hail Hydra Gel

After watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the subsequent Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episodes, I couldn’t help but say “Hail Hydra Gel” every time I shaved. Then a few months back the basic concept for a parody of the classic Gillette “The Best a Man Can Get” ad came to me. I was too busy at the time to do anything with it, but I finally found the time. And here it is. Continue reading

SGRoA: Forever Knight Special Features Edition

Good morning/afternoon/evening, Snowflakes! I spent my morning doing some volunteering at the Aurora History Museum, looking through issues of the local paper from 1957 and 1958. I didn’t find the article I was looking for – something about a plane on display at a park – but I did find a lot of weird local history, including the bizarre practice of announcing one’s engagement by giving one’s friends a five-pound box of candy. Though since I’m on board with giving candy for any occasion, I couldn’t say I disagree with the practice.

And speaking of history, it’s time to learn a little About The Show, and get answers to fans’ questions! Let’s get crackin’! Continue reading

SGRoA: Forever Knight S02 E26: Blood Money

Hello, Snowflakes! Today we have commentary from Geraint Wyn Davies and James D. Parriot – our “star” and the creator/producer, respectively. This episode was also directed by Davies, so let’s see how much whining Nick does, shall we?

We open on an old guy behind a huge, empty desk. Does he work? Maybe, but apparently his to-do list was short, and he was able to clear that thing off in no time.


Continue reading