RiTS: Forever Knight: A Stirring of Dust, Chapter 9

Snowflakes! I’m almost done with another novel! It has no vampires in it, though, but! After I’m done with this one, I’m on to the next book in the Imperial Vampires series, so I’m excited! Everything I say has exclamation points lately! Let’s recap!

Radu is bopping around Toronto, wishing for the arms of a woman. He’d spent the day in someone’s basement apartment, a man he killed. He assumed it was a servant’s apartment, but then no one came looking for the dude, so Radu haz the confuseds.confused

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SGRoA: Forever Knight S03 E10: Night In Question

I’m so excited for this one, Snowflakes. Amnesia! Jokes! Nick being something other than whiny and irritating! Let’s get started!

Oh no! Nick’s being wheeled into the ER, no pulse, no breathing (obviously), and a big ol’ head wound. He’s been dead 19 minutes, and the ER team call time of death. Time to notify the ME.

Which, you know, is handy, since it’s Nat, and all. But before she shows up, Tracy and Reese are in the waiting room, and the ER doc notifies them that Nick didn’t make it. Tracy’s crying, saying it’s all her fault, and Reese asks her what happened. She didn’t get a good look at the shooter. Continue reading

RiTS: Forever Knight: A Stirring of Dust, Chapter 8

A lot of thinking in this chapter, guys. I’ll try to spice it up with memes.

We begin with someone thinking about how women are incomprehensible, and it’s so much easier to be a vampire than to be a human. Oh, it’s Lacroix thinking all this, capping it off with a stirring rendition of “Let A Woman In Your Life”:

Women, emotions caused by women, had ways of complicating the simplicity of one’s life. If one let them.

Pictured: Lacroix

Pictured: Lacroix

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SGRoA: Forever Knight S03 E09: Let No Man Tear Asunder

You know, they don’t say that at weddings anymore. At least not at any I’ve been to, which include strict Catholic at a Cathedral, wishy-washy Catholic at a church that looks like a hotel conference center, and a secular wedding at a zoo. Also, isn’t this episode about organ harvesting? I’m already confused, and I haven’t even pressed “Play”. So let’s get to it!

Some woman’s getting a tattoo, and she’s squirming a lot. Won’t that, like, screw up the tattoo? Also, it’s on her butt, but the artist is just pushing her underwear to the side. I wouldn’t pay for this, is what I’m saying.

The artist runs out of ink and goes to get some more, and some other dude knocks him out with a tire iron. Then he gropes the woman, and then he knocks her out and stuffs her in the back of a panel truck. Continue reading

RiTS: Forever Knight: A Stirring of Dust, Chapter 7

Snowflakes! I’m back from big (tiny), exciting (not at all) Holy Week adventures (working at church)! Did you miss me? I missed you. Let’s get recapping!

So, Nick runs off, as usual, with little explanation. Nat just lets him go and tries to go back to work, but before she can, the body in the bag sits up and claws its way out of the bag. She grabs a long scalpel and cries for help. The thing lunges at her, but Nick comes back in just in time and grapples with it. Continue reading

SGRoA: Forever Knight S03 E08: Trophy Girl

Snowflakes! Did you miss me? I’ll be honest, I am still tired from last week. I am eagerly anticipating my paycheck at the end of the month, however: Holy Week is lucrative. Let’s get recapping!

There’s a woman in lingerie on a slab, and someone dressed like a doctor starts cutting her clothes off. Side note: She’s wearing a garter belt over her underwear, which means it’s just for sexytimes. If you wear actual stockings for function, you know the belt goes under the knickers, or you’ll never be able to pee.

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RITS: Forever Knight: A Stirring of Dust, Chapter 6

Honesty times, Snowflakes. I don’t like Radu, and I don’t like these flashbacks. Zombie vampires would keep me interested, but it’s all about a manufactured love interest with Janette, now, so I’m a little bored. And this chapter doesn’t help, because the first half is all about Radu – and the second half is MetroPD’s outstanding police work.

Radu,┬áif you hadn’t figured it out yet, is totally the vampire from the silver box who’s running around slicing people’s heads off. He slept in a dumpster during the day, and there’s an interesting bit about how the silver calms him, keeps him from dreaming. Silver, of course, is tied up in a lot of paranormal legends. It’ll kill werewolves, and in some tellings of vampires, it will injure or kill them, too. This is the first legend I’ve seen where silver is a boon to the vampire. Continue reading