SGRoA: Forever Knight S01 E21: Fatal Mistake

Anyone else singing Sheryl Crow now? “You’re my fatal mista-a-ake!” My fatal mistake was thinking I could work Holy Week at a Catholic church and still get my writing done. Even this recap is late. Sorry, guys. Next week we’ll be right on time for your Thursday enjoyment. Continue reading

SGRoA: Forever Knight, S01 E20: If Looks Could Kill

Good Morning, Snowflakes! Are any of you Drop Dead Diva fans? The show is silly, but fun, and this weekend the original Nick Knight himself guest-starred! That’s right: Rick Springfield was on as an aging rock star trying to keep his band together. It was a touching story of friendship and Parkinson’s disease, and the whole hour, I made Forever Knight jokes.

Let’s get to it, shall we? Continue reading

SGRoA: Forever Knight S01 E19: 1966

Snowflakes! I need a vacation to recover from my vacation. But no matter! Recaps wait for no one!

Schenke’s arguing with an Asian family in the reception area of the precinct. Nick comes up and says one word in another language – I’m sorry, I don’t recognize the people or the language – and they quiet down. Cut to some dude outside duct-taping a gun to his arm. He walks up to Natalie as she gets out of her car, asks if she’s going in to the police station, and then brandishes the gun, saying, “We’ll go in together” and holding up some sort of – noose, I guess? To control her? That seems like a safe bet. Continue reading

Webmaster for the WIN!

Hello Snowflakes! In Catherine’s recap of Dying For Fame she really wanted to be able to give you the full effect of the end scene. Alas, her gif making skills are naught!

Forever Knight S01E14 03I really wish I knew how to make a gif, because he does this little spin, too, and then the fist in the air, and – I don’t know. Long Live Rock-n-Roll? Or something? That’s the end of the episode. Just Nick, fist-pumping his way to human mediocrity as fast as he can.

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SGRoA: Forever Knight S01 E17: Unreality TV

You guys,  I’m going to Florida on Monday. Yup. Disney World for Spring Break. How cool is that? But of course, it means I’m in the middle of roughly all the laundry in the universe and trying to get three people packed, because we leave at the asscrack of dawn on Monday and I have to work all day Sunday, as usual. This recap is going to be like a mini-vacation, all on its own. Continue reading

SGRoA: Forever Knight, S01 E16: Only The Lonely: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Edition

I…don’t have anything to say in my preamble this week. It’s been a boring week, y’all, so let’s get to it!

We open on the end of a first date, and a headless couple at her door. She’s apologetically trying to rebuff the guy’s advances, when he fakes a page from “the hospital” and asks to use her phone. She lets him in and he promptly assaults her, then kills her for not giving up the sex. I mean, he paid for dinner and everything! Ugh.

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