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Cover of MADNESS; (1st Edition) by Catherine Winters. A confrontation between two brothers — decades in the making — is ignited by one's pursuit of a modern day courtesan.Ian McLaren & Jacob Turner have been best friends — brothers — since they were kids. They are the only family either of them has left, and Jacob’s been fighting to keep Ian alive as he wallows in self pity and scotch.

Finally, after more than a decade, Ian has decided it’s time to turn his life around. Only he’s pinned all his hopes on Madeleine Holbrook, a recently retired, high-end “escort”. As Jacob tries to dissuade Ian from his single-minded pursuit, Madeleine tries to decide who she is when she’s not being paid. When emotions start running high, secrets begin to spill, and Ian isn’t prepared for the cost of his pursuit.

Madness gets Five Stars from Readers' Favorite

“The tragedy of Madness is also the beauty of it…” Natasha Jackson, Readers’ Favorite




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Readers’ Favorite (5 Stars)


Silver American Advertising Award (ADDY) for Cover Design by Colin Christie on Catherine Winters' Madness

Congratulations to Colin Christie on his Silver ADDY.

Award: 2014 American Advertising Awards: Colorado Springs Local – Silver
Category: Collateral Material: Publication Design – Cover


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