Josephine Book Two
An Imperial Vampires Novel

Keywords: Urban Fantasy, Horror, Vampires, 18+, Trilogy

Cover of RED: Josephine Series Book 2, An Imperial Vampires Novel (1st Edition) by Catherine Winters. An urban fantasy novel set in Denver, Colorado.

Seven months ago, Josephine Berendt was a woman with a promising career, an inert social life, and no idea the vampires she wrote about were real. Now she’s a rich and influential vampire who’s reluctant to let go of her former life.

However, consorting with the likes of Grant Black and thwarting her enemies’ well-laid plans won’t give her the life she desires, either. While the ruling class tries to shore up its crumbling empire, Josephine must appease the grumbling masses and pay for the sins of her sire. And if that weren’t enough, she soon realizes that her foes have not yet fully played their hand.

Amid worry for Max Spencer, fighting her love for Grant Black, and the pomp and circumstance of an Imperial covenmistress ceremony, Josephine has to unravel the opposition’s plans and keep her coven safe — all while watching her own back and working to discover the limits of her power.

In RED, the stakes are higher, the games more dangerous, and Josephine’s position ever more precarious. Will she unravel the twisted web before it’s too late? Or will she fail her coven, her lover — and herself?

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