RiTS: Forever Knight: Intimations of Mortality, Chapter 4

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Are you awake now? Yeah, well, sorry. Here: let me help you back to sleep!

Human!Nick is sleeping at his desk, and Tracy’s giving him shit about it. He drinks coffee. There’s a heat wave, and Tracy gets to wear shorts because she’s a detective.  Continue reading

RiTS: Forever Knight, Intimations of Mortality, Chapter 3: Legalization Edition

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OK, you guys, here’s the thing: I have read ahead in this book. I’ve been through about 5 chapters now.

It is so. boring.

Maybe I’m jaded. Maybe I study too much story structure. Maybe this plot just feels stale because this book is 20 years old already. I don’t know.

What I DO know, though, is that I have a beautiful bong and a whole bunch of high-quality flower in my garage, and that shit makes everything interesting. So here, thanks to the good voters of Colorado and the awesome folks at my local dispensary, is Chapter 3, enhanced. Continue reading

RiTS: Forever Knight, Intimations of Mortality, Chapter 2

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So…it’s been a while, hasn’t it, guys? Yeah. I know. I’m sorry. Some stuff came up, and it turned out to be a pretty weird year, so…things fell by the wayside. It happens.

But I’m back in business, here to provide all your Forever Knight needs (that you clearly didn’t know you had, because let’s be honest: no one needs this shit, right? Right.)! If you don’t remember Chapter One, you can read it here.

Let’s get started! Continue reading

RiTS: Dracula, The Un-Dead, Chapter 3

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Guuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyys. I’m warning you, this book may be a DNF – Did Not Finish. I wasn’t looking forward to this recap at all, and if you’re super-invested, I just want you to know, it might not happen. I might just go back to Nick and the gang. They don’t leave me feeling exploited.

BUT. I will stick it out as long as I can. Continue reading

RiTS: Dracula, The Un-Dead, Chapter 2

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Ugh, you guys, this book. This fucking book.

But I said I’d do it, and I’m going to do it. For you. Because I love you. And because I want you to feel my pain.

So we open right where we left off, with Seward staring at Bathory. He’s all “entranced” by her beauty, which includes her eyes being Continue reading

RitS: Dracula, The Un-Dead, Prologue and Chapter One

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All right, Snowflakes. I needed a little break from Nick and the gang; blogging about them twice a week was wearing on me. Variety, after all, is the spice of life, and this site was getting a little bland, don’t you think?

Anyway, we’ll be looking at Dracula, The Un-Dead by Dacre Stoker – and yes, he’s related to Bram – and Ian Holt. I saw this book described as “the worst book ever” on a comment thread over at Trout Nation, and I had to buy it. But because I am also the worst ever, I knew I would make you share my pain. 🙂 Same rules apply to this recap: I’ll be analyzing the writing as well as summarizing the story, so hopefully we can all learn something. Continue reading

RiTS: Forever Knight: A Stirring of Dust, Chapter 15 – THE END!

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Well, Snowflakes, we’ve done it. We’ve made it through one whole Forever Knight book. I hope you’ve enjoyed the recaps, because there are two more of these things sitting on my desk, as well as a sequel to Dracula that I might do next, just to cleanse the palate a little.

I hope you enjoy this final recap!

A page and a half to tell us Nick and Nat are in an empty hotel ballroom!

OK, guys, I will try not to complain about this much, since I spent so much time on it last week, but jeez. I get why most of this exposition is here – Nick wants a big space for the showdown, he memorized the layout of the hotel/convention center on an assignment last year, the hotel keeps the security cameras off unless the space is in use – but do you see how little space that took me? Even if I wanted to write it correctly, it wouldn’t take 500 words, my god.

Stahp Continue reading

RiTS: Forever Knight: A Stirring of Dust, Chapter 14

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Nick goes back to the precinct, and Reese is all annoyed that Tracy is MIA. He tells Nick there’s a new body at the Hockey Hall of Fame.


Nick doesn’t want to go investigate, but instead of just saying he’ll look at it and then not, as usual, he mojos Reese. Not cool, Nick. Not cool. Continue reading

RiTS: Forever Knight: A Stirring of Dust, Chapter 13

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SNOWFLAKES! IMPORTANT THINGS! I AM GOING TO BE AT DENVER COMICON THIS WEEKEND! Booth 938, specifically, with a bunch of other awesome local writers. If you’re going (and you totally should), stop by and say hi! I would LOVE to meet you guys!

Now, let’s recap!


We open with Vachon’s crew meeting at his church/apartment/whatever. He goes down to escort Urs in, since she was raised Catholic and…still needs an invitation? Needs an escort for a church? It’s not very clear, but then we get a bomb dropped on us: Continue reading