Midnight Hunt 3 Scavenger Hunt

Do you like vampires, romance, and winning things? If so, then Arial Burnz’s scavenger hunt is for you. Somewhere between June 17th and July 1st  I’ll be hosting a piece of the puzzle. Get the the details here, and the official rules here.

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Golden, Colorado

Colorado is a gorgeous state in general, and the City of Golden is no exception. Sitting at the foot of the Rocky Mountains (west of Denver, and just north of the I-70) it has beautiful views and manages to retain some old world charm while still existing in the 21st century.

Fun Facts about Golden:

Founded during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush (16 June 1859), it’s named not for gold, but in honor of miner Thomas L. Golden.

An assortment of Jolly Rancher candies

Photo by Mene Tekel

Golden is the birth place of Jolly Rancher candies. In 1949 Bill and Dorothy Harmsen opened the Jolly Rancher candy store where they sold their own candy.





Coors Brewery and Golden, Colorado, with Denver in the background. On the right is Table Mountain. Taken from Lookout Mountain.

Photo by Jami Dwyer

The Coors Brewing Company was founded in Golden by German immigrants Adolph Coors and Jacob Schueler. The Coors brewery in Golden is the largest single site brewery in the world.





The engineering hall at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO

Photo by Chris Engelsma

Golden is also the home of the Colorado School of Mines. Mines is a public teaching and research university dedicated to engineering and applied sciences. It was rated as the #1 university for ROI by Businessweek.



Note: Some of these facts I already knew, but some I learned from Wikipedia. I’d just like to say thanks to Wikipedia and everyone who contributes. If you can spare $5, please donate and keep this wonderful resource free for the world to use.

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