Deliberate Transformation

Deliberate Transformation: The process of a human becoming a vampire with the aid of a vampire.

The process of Deliberate Transformation varies by line and is never guaranteed to work. Some people just do not survive the conversion process. Hale and hardy or feeble and frail does not necessarily make the difference. It’s just one of those weird things that may have to do with how much the person wants to live, how pure their soul is, or how many Twinkies they ate.

The Gypsy line converts mortals through repeatedly feeding on the same person over a period of weeks. This repeated depletion of the victim’s blood causes them to slowly waste away and finally die. After they die they rise from the dead as a vampire.

It is interesting to note that it must be repeated feedings over a relatively short period of time. If a Gypsy completely drains a victim in one feeding the victim will die with no chance of coming back. Likewise, if a Gypsy feeds on a person once a month over the period of year and then kills them, nothing but death occurs.

While I have no proof, it seems to me that there must be some transference from the vampire to the victim that occurs in small doses and concentrates in the short term, but is somehow negated over time. This observation leads me off on another tangent, the true nature of vampires, which I will probably explore in the future.

The Judean line must feed an exsanguinated person a significant portion of their own blood. The exsanguination is usually performed by feeding on the victim till they are on the verge of death. This makes sure that the vampire has enough blood to feed the victim. However, a well fed Judean could just as easily transform someone who had lost most of their blood due to an accident or attack. If they have lost enough of their own blood and consumed enough of the vampire’s blood they are immediately transformed as they die.

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