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I’m so excited for this one, Snowflakes. Amnesia! Jokes! Nick being something other than whiny and irritating! Let’s get started!

Oh no! Nick’s being wheeled into the ER, no pulse, no breathing (obviously), and a big ol’ head wound. He’s been dead 19 minutes, and the ER team call time of death. Time to notify the ME.

Which, you know, is handy, since it’s Nat, and all. But before she shows up, Tracy and Reese are in the waiting room, and the ER doc notifies them that Nick didn’t make it. Tracy’s crying, saying it’s all her fault, and Reese asks her what happened. She didn’t get a good look at the shooter.

Nat runs in, asking where Nick is. Reese is all, “He didn’t make it,” but Nat’s all, “Just tell me where he is.”

The nurse is taking all the tubes and whatnots out of Nick’s body when he breathes, and luckily Nat comes in and sends her to get the doctor. She pulls out a bag of blood and starts a transfusion, but the doctor comes back in. She goes to check Nick’s pulse, but Nat’s all, “Hey, already done. I’m a close personal friend.”

“Well, your friend’s a miracle. He shouldn’t have made it. Just look at this head wound – hey, where’d it go?”

While Dr. Turner is distracted, Nat grabs her blood bag and needle, and then they wheel Nick out of the room for a CT scan or surgery or something.

Tracy’s pacing the waiting room trying to remember the shooter. Nat comes out and gives them the good news – something about a cardiac arrest event, Nick’s still in a coma, whatever.

Dr. Turner is looking at the CT results and is all, “This guy should totes be dead.”

“Well, maybe you need a second opinion,” says Dr. Lacroix, who mojos her into a whole story about how Nick wasn’t that injured, he’s really lucky, you know. The same old, same old to cover up a vampire. She goes out and says all of this word-for-word to the gang, and Nat’s all, “Hey, she seems mojo’d,” and then sees Lacroix walk by.

Lacroix, meanwhile, goes to Nick’s hospital room. He is, indeed, still in a coma, and Lacroix picks up a scalpel and says he always pays his debts, and then it’s flashback time.

Stuff’s on fire and people are yelling and oh, it’s a war. Lacroix is in some sort of band uniform, with giant black tampon hat to match, and an injured man asks for water. Lacroix denies him, then eats him, but he’s…poisoned? Lacroix has a terrible reaction and falls to the ground.

Pictured: Lacroix

Pictured: Lacroix

Back in the hospital, Lacroix cuts open his wrist and Nick’s, and puts them together, and then Nick wakes up. How someone’s wrist can suck up blood, I don’t know, but apparently it did.

Nat goes in to see him, and he’s all, “Who are you?” and Nat’s all, “Don’t do this. Say my name.”

If no one were around, he'd say baby he loves you.

If no one were around, he’d say baby he loves you.

But of course, Nick has no idea who she is, who shot him – nada.

Turner says he should come out of it. Nat offers to take him home, get him in familiar surroundings. They and Reese go see Nick, who’s eating food. Nat’s a little too enthused about this, and has to dial it back pretty quickly. Nick doesn’t remember Reese, either, and is worried he’s in trouble until Reese tells him that he’s a detective and he was shot. He gives Nick a rundown – he and Tracy went to the parade warehouse. But what happened next?

Nick just remembers the shooting, but nothing before. Reese tells him to take his time getting well. Nat says she’s going to take him home, if that’s okay, and a befuddled Nick says that it is.

At the precinct, some guy with a heavy Canadian accent and a bald dude are asking Tracy what happened. Turns out someone called Nick to the city holiday warehouse with some info about “The Yorkville Ripper”. She says it seemed normal until they were inside, and they knew something was hinky. They split up, and didn’t see anyone there, but of course someone was, hiding in the toy soldiers. But Tracy can’t get it that clear in her mind, so she can’t give that detail.

Forensics found a bullet at the scene: a “cop-killer”. The shooter was gunning for cops, specifically, so everyone’s under pressure to solve this one.

At Nick’s place, he complains that it’s too dark, and Nat’s all smirky. “That’s the way you like it.” They’ve stopped at the grocery store, and Nat’s putting away the groceries when Nick sees some snapshots on a side table. Nat asks if he remembers those, and of course he doesn’t, so she’s all, “They’re from your birthday. Do you remember which birthday?”

He guesses between 30 and 40.

Adele - Laughing

Nat’s all, “Ha, that’s cute. No.” But she doesn’t just tell him he’s a vampire.

He sits at the piano and plays “Fur Elise”, though he can’t remember the name. He does know it’s by Beethoven, though, and he remembers sitting with a friend who was jotting down notes, with a quill. He was hard of hearing.


For fuck’s sake.

Anyway, Nat has to go to work, so she tells Nick to stay home, get some rest, and if he’s hungry, eat something.

Nick starts snooping around his own apartment, and finds a gun in a drawer. He pulls it on Lacroix. Nick thinks he’s a doctor, but Lacroix tells him no, we’re more. “I’m your oldest friend,” he says, and then it’s flashback time.

Oh! He got staked! That makes much more sense. I should really watch this show on a monitor that’s not facing the windows, eh? Nick wanders in, and Lacroix asks him to take out the stake. Nick says fine, but then he’s leaving, and pulls the stake out.

Amnesia-Nick asks Lacroix to tell him who he is. Lacroix says it’s not so much who, as what. Nick’s a killer. Nick picks up the gun again, and Lacroix’s all, not quite. Go ahead on outside and find yourself.

But then Nat comes in. She does thank Lacroix for covering in the hospital, but now he should leave. Lacroix reminds her to tell Nick about his “special nature and needs”, but the look on Nat’s face makes him reconsider that. Will she use this opportunity to do the impossible?

Nat tells him to leave. By the door. Lacroix goes. But Nick, of course, has questions, most notably about being a killer. Nat says it’s just because Nick’s a cop, he shoots at people. “And my ‘special nature’?” Nat tells him he doesn’t have to believe anything that Lacroix says, and then she makes Nick promise not to leave the apartment.

Nick wonders why he’d want to leave, and Nat says they’ve been working very hard to make a change in his life, and this could be a perfect opportunity. But “we have to take things slowly”.

So Nick asks if they have a relationship, and she says no, but then Nick’s kissing her. Like, actually kissing her!


There’s a commercial break, and then Nat’s naked! Oh, but Nick bites her, and Lacroix’s watching, so it’s all just a stupid dream.


Nat’s asleep on the couch, and Nick remembers Lacroix telling him to go out and find himself. So he does. With the Nightcrawler on the radio, of course, talking about lost friends.

Tracy’s looking through mugshots on an ancient computer, but nothing’s jarring any memories loose. Reese tells the randos that they shouldn’t count on Nick being any help, either, and they leave so he can give Tracy a pep talk about letting herself take a break, and not pushing so hard. The memories will come or they won’t, although trying for an eye-witness ID seems dumb, considering how unreliable they are.

Nick goes to the warehouse, I guess hoping to jog his memory of the shooting. He’s wandering around, having black-and-white memories, when the security guard pulls a gun on him. He shows her his badge, and she starts talking to him, but he vamps out for a second. He then tells her he’s the officer who was shot, and he’s just looking around. He’ll let himself out.

Oh, but the sun’s up, and that’s a no-go.

He manages to make it home just as Nat’s getting up, and he’s pissed she didn’t tell him about the sun. Or about any of it. He’s shaking her, demanding she tell him what’s going on. He realizes he saw the shooter’s face, that he has to go to identify him, and she finally spills the immortal beans, because she can’t let him go before sunset.

The shooter calls Tracy’s house, saying he’s sorry about her partner, and that someone named Jimmy has a score to settle. He likes parades, and he wants to talk to Tracy, alone, at the cement plant at the waterfront. She writes down the address, of course, because Tracy.

Pictured: Tracy

Pictured: Tracy

At Nick’s place, Nat’s taking him through vampirism 101. Apparently all knowledge of vampires is part of his amnesia, even though where the warehouse is and how to get back to his apartment and ENGLISH are not.

Nat confesses that his vampirism is why they’re not together, and apologizes for not telling him the truth. He collapses, and she gets him some blood. The human blood that Lacroix left as a get-well gift. Weird, though, that being hungry would be like some sort of sudden illness, isn’t it? Like, shouldn’t he just be lethargic and start wasting? Random collapses don’t seem like they’d be the result of losing blood.

Nick goes to the precinct and goes through the same mugshots. He ID’s the guy, though – Leon, whose older brother Jimmy was shot by Tracy’s dad. Reese sends Nick over to Tracy’s place to warn her (another thing which apparently is still in his memory).

Of course he’s too late, and Tracy’s run off to the cement factory already. Nick finds the note she left for herself with the address, and good thing he remembers how to fly, so he can show up just in the – HEE – nick of time. Leon jumps off a building or something, and that’s the end of that.

In the coda, Nick goes to the Raven to talk to Lacroix about being a vampire. He asks Lacroix to “fill in the blanks” about who he is, and this would be way more interesting if, again, this were ever going to be a plot point again. But it won’t, so, you know.

Why do you do this to us, FK?

Why do you do this to us, FK?

Next week: Exorcisms! Nick gets possessed! And then he has to have an exorcism! Which is totally a normal thing for a police officer to deal with!

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