Spontaneous Transformation

Spontaneous Transformation: The process of a human becoming a vampire without the aid of a vampire. Sometimes called Original Transformation.

Note: The more common Deliberate Transformation will be discussed in a later post.

Here’s the interesting part, these transformation terms are mine. Vampires don’t have names for these things, they apparently don’t think about them too hard. In fact, most vampires have never met an “original” vampire, or even know who was the first of any line. The only vampire still in existence known to have been transformed by an original is Augustus. And by “known”, I mean most vampires consider this information a myth. I’m not sure if Augustus even knows with certainty that he was sired by an original.

The reasons for spontaneous transformation are poorly understood and most “knowledge” is based on rumors and folklore. The reasons for this lack of factual information are not even well understood. Some of it can be explained by the fact that up till the early 20th Century, any human found to be writing about vampires was killed. Even after that, any author getting too close to the truth was taken out of circulation. This of course limited the knowledge gathered by humans. But most vampires “living” today were created during or after the Renaissance. One could be inclined to think that having such a long time to contemplate their existence and living in such a progressive scientific period would lead them to seek answers about such things, but apparently not.

I have my own theories about it, but that is bit involved and will be discussed in a separate post.


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