Cover Reveal: BLACK, 3rd Edition

Hey Snowflakes, with no FK recap and no Friday Roundup this week, I know it looks like Catherine is slacking. And to be totally honest she was relaxing on Friday at the Cherry Creek State Park reservoir beach. However that was a well deserved day off because we’ve been hard at work preparing for the re-release of Black and the release of Red.

You can download the sample chapters of Black from Smashwords, or pre-order the ebook from Kobo or iBooks right now. Continue reading

Friday Roundup: Nuts and Bolts

I have been editing for what feels like months. Editing is just the suck. Time suck, energy suck, brain-power suck. And though it’s an integral part of the writing process, especially if you want to publish, it often feels as though it doesn’t get you ahead – and sometimes pushes you back.

Truth is, of course, that editing is almost as important as the writing itself. For a pantser like me – someone who writes without an outline or plot already conceived, “by the seat of my pants” – editing has to happen throughout writing a novel, because I can turn myself around and make terrible things happen to a plot if I’m not checking myself.

So because craft has been on my mind, today’s roundup is about the nuts and bolts of writing – story ideas, tips, and neat shit I found this week. Continue reading

Big News

No recap this week, Snowflakes. Sorry. It was a big week, and I was out and about a lot, and frankly, time just got away from me. There will be a Roundup tomorrow, and definitely a recap next week.

But! That’s not the news!

As you may have noticed, I’ve taken down anything associated with my cover image for BLACK. That’s because Continue reading

SGRoA: Forever Knight S02 E03: Stranger Than Fiction

SGRoA post 26 of 72

Morning, lovelies! I hope everyone who celebrated had a wonderful Mothers’ Day. I got to go out for Chinese and a scary movie – Oculuswhich I can’t recommend enough to fans of ghost stories and psychological horror. I also got about four inches of snow, but such is life in the Rockies. Let’s recap!

We open in New Orleans, 1899. A woman in a nightgown is brushing her hair in a room full of fog and candles. A man comes in, and through their dialogue, we know that she’s engaged to another dude and can’t call it off. They start making out, and dude’s got fangs! A voice over begins, and the woman in the nightgown turns out to be an author, Emily, reading from her latest release on a television interview show. Continue reading