Catherine’s Vampires

I suppose, before I get too far into this project, that I should clarify something about the vampires I am discussing. I’ve already discussed Catherine’s writing process in a previous post. So given the way she writes I can’t definitively discuss all of her vampires unless she stops writing (and we don’t want that, do we?). So what I am talking about in these posts are the European-style vampires that appear in Black.

The vampires from China are mentioned once in Black, and (just as a nasty little tease), I know Josephine briefly interacts with a group of Asian vampires in Red (the as-yet-unpublished sequel to Black). This group has not been fleshed out yet, but Catherine has hinted that these vampires are not the same as the vampires I’m currently exploring. How different will they be, I don’t know. But if and when we get to them, I’m sure I’ll be comparing the two groups.

Catherine’s Rumors

I thought I should give a little explanation of the statement I made in Webmaster Specials about things being based on “Catherine’s facts and rumors”, specifically the “rumors”. It has to do with her writing process. She doesn’t plan things out in advance, but rather writes as her characters tell her what they are doing. So she doesn’t always know things for certain, as some authors might. I call these not yet solidified facts “rumors” because they may turn out to be true or false as the stories unfold.

Covenhouse Christmas (part 5)

Covenhouse Christmas post 5 of 5

Someday, maybe, we’d get used to each other. I didn’t want to leave. I know you’ll think that was the best option – I had my settlement, all the millions of dollars and millions more in property that he’d given me just for being his child, and I could have gone anywhere, done anything, and never worried about a thing. Yes. All that’s true.

But I wanted him. I needed something to anchor me to the world, to remind me to be at least a semi-decent person. Grant did that for me. He’d come from nothing, been made in a time when nothing was expected from him, and he’d done all this. Black Industries, the covenhouse, the survival of a hundred and fifty years in a coffin. He’s the most amazing man I think I shall ever meet, not merely that I have already met.

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Covenhouse Christmas (part 4)

Covenhouse Christmas post 4 of 5

Simmons stood in the middle of the south parlor, bags at his feet and on the sofas, pulling lights out of their boxes.

“Madam.” He sounded grateful. “You have a plan for all of this?”

“Of course. Tree in the corner.” I pointed to the right of the fireplace on the east wall. “Lights on the tree, around the front doors, and around the roofline. Net lights on the junipers outside. Wreath on the door.”

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Covenhouse Christmas (part 3)

Covenhouse Christmas post 3 of 5

Did I ever. I spent almost three hundred dollars at Target on ornaments, tree lights, a stand, a skirt, and a lighted wreath for the front door. Then we went to the live tree stand up the road and spent another hundred-seventy-five on a ten-foot blue spruce. I was very glad I’d brought Jim, after all: How would a tiny little thing like me manage to get a ten-foot tree in the truck? Or, rather, out of it? Every man on that lot asked me twice if I’d need any help when I got home. I left fifty dollars in the tip jar. Flattery will get you pretty damn far with me.

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Covenhouse Christmas (part 2)

Covenhouse Christmas post 2 of 5

The cab smelled like blood and soap. Mostly blood. I hadn’t realized it had been so long since I fed, and I was kicking myself for agreeing to take Jim with me. An hour’s drive to Denver, a trip to Target, a trip to the tree stand, an hour back…. It was excruciating. I had to distract myself. “So, how long have you been working – ” For me? At the covenhouse? – “under Simmons?”

“Couple months.” I felt his eyes on me, assessing. “Heard you were away with Mr. Black.”

I nodded.

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Covenhouse Christmas (part 1)

Covenhouse Christmas post 1 of 5

Note: While this story is written within the context of the Josephine Series of novels (Black, Red, and Gold), it is considered non-canon. Why non-canon? The story was written for the holiday season without intent that it should fit Josephine’s overall story arc. For this story to make any sense in the arc, it would have to take place between Black and Red. However, for it to occur during the holiday season it would have to take place between Red and Gold. Since both cannot be true, non-canon.

“I want a Christmas tree.”

Grant looked up from the sheaf of papers in his hands, one brow raised. “And I expect you want me to control the weather and guarantee you snow, as well.”

Oh, man, would that be cool. “Can we do that?”

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PS: Don’t forget to check out the Ask David page for BLACK.