Mr. Winters’ AMOV Posters

Mr. Winters created a Mad Men (falling man intro) inspired promotional image, and five variations, for the next Imperial Vampires novel A Murder of Vampires. Leave a comment and let him know which is your favorite.

SGRoA: Forever Knight S01 E15: Spin Doctor: Cute Kitten Edition

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God, weren’t the Spin Doctors an awful band? Like, so bad. ’90s, I like to believe you can do no wrong, but they were just the worst. Like horrid little proto-hipsters. Feh. Lucky for us, this episode has nothing to do with them, and everything to do with McCarthyism. Yay! …wait.

We open on a news report about two mayoral candidates who have set up shop in opposite ends of the same hotel. Why? Who knows? All we know is that Harry Hamlin is watching interviews with both candidates while he’s smoking in the tub. Continue reading

SGRoA: Forever Knight S01 E09: I Will Repay

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Evening, kiddos! I have been baking and candymaking up a storm in preparation for my annual Christmas Eve party – or, as I like to call it in honor of my birthday, Catemas! Tomorrow I have to brave Costco and Target, but tonight, it’s nothing but Nick.

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Covenhouse Christmas (part 5)

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Someday, maybe, we’d get used to each other. I didn’t want to leave. I know you’ll think that was the best option – I had my settlement, all the millions of dollars and millions more in property that he’d given me just for being his child, and I could have gone anywhere, done anything, and never worried about a thing. Yes. All that’s true.

But I wanted him. I needed something to anchor me to the world, to remind me to be at least a semi-decent person. Grant did that for me. He’d come from nothing, been made in a time when nothing was expected from him, and he’d done all this. Black Industries, the covenhouse, the survival of a hundred and fifty years in a coffin. He’s the most amazing man I think I shall ever meet, not merely that I have already met.

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