Red Alert

Cover of "Red" (1st Edition) by Catherine Winters. A vampire urban fantasy novel set in Denver, Colorado.Red will be released 9/15. You can get a sample right now from Smashwords. Pre-orders will be available shortly from AmazonBarnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo.

As they become available I will update this post with links.

UPDATE: Red and Black are on sale until 9/15. Normally $3.99 (US), get Black for only $0.99 and pre-order Red for $2.99. If you order both, it’s 2 for the price of 1.

Cover Reveal: BLACK, 3rd Edition

Hey Snowflakes, with no FK recap and no Friday Roundup this week, I know it looks like Catherine is slacking. And to be totally honest she was relaxing on Friday at the Cherry Creek State Park reservoir beach. However that was a well deserved day off because we’ve been hard at work preparing for the re-release of Black and the release of Red.

You can download the sample chapters of Black from Smashwords, or pre-order the ebook from Kobo or iBooks right now. Continue reading

Big News

No recap this week, Snowflakes. Sorry. It was a big week, and I was out and about a lot, and frankly, time just got away from me. There will be a Roundup tomorrow, and definitely a recap next week.

But! That’s not the news!

As you may have noticed, I’ve taken down anything associated with my cover image for BLACK. That’s because Continue reading

Catherine’s Vampires

I suppose, before I get too far into this project, that I should clarify something about the vampires I am discussing. I’ve already discussed Catherine’s writing process in a previous post. So given the way she writes I can’t definitively discuss all of her vampires unless she stops writing (and we don’t want that, do we?). So what I am talking about in these posts are the European-style vampires that appear in Black.

The vampires from China are mentioned once in Black, and (just as a nasty little tease), I know Josephine briefly interacts with a group of Asian vampires in Red (the as-yet-unpublished sequel to Black). This group has not been fleshed out yet, but Catherine has hinted that these vampires are not the same as the vampires I’m currently exploring. How different will they be, I don’t know. But if and when we get to them, I’m sure I’ll be comparing the two groups.