SGRoA: Forever Knight, S03 E22: Last Knight

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Guys. Guys. It’s the last episode. I don’t know if I’m emotionally stable enough for this, but I’m going to try. For you.


We start with a bathtub filling, and Lacroix telling us that life is a gift. Cut to a weird camera angle and Lacroix continuing to speak – he’s never understood willfully giving life up, unless you have faith that there’s something beyond this. But will it be heaven, or hell? Is your faith strong enough to push you to find out prematurely?

All of this is intercut with a woman writing a suicide note and then stepping, fully clothed, into the bathtub to cut her wrists. Lacroix tells us not to do it, not to trade our futures for “an empty box”. Continue reading

SGRoA: Forever Knight S03 E13: Fever

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Snowflakes! I went to Denver Comic Con! IT WAS AWESOME! But I was sad not to see any of you there! Next time, you’ll have to come out and say HI, so I can bitch about Forever Knight to you in person.

Let’s get recapping!

We open in a doctor’s office. Some guy’s T-cell count is holding, and he calls his doctor a lifesaver. She says she’ll see him Thursday, and then goes off to her lab, where a creepy-looking guy is pulling rats out of their cages. She asks why he’s there, and then he drops a rat and grabs her files and runs off. She gives chase, asking why he’s stealing her work, and he throws her down a flight of stairs (by accident), but of course she’s dead and the rat’s gone. Continue reading

RITS: Forever Knight: A Stirring of Dust, Chapters 4&5

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In case you don’t follow my TV recaps (but you totally should, they’re awesome), this one’s a double-header because I was sick last weekend and couldn’t blog. But I’m all better now, and we have TWO chapters today, so let’s get to it!

Chapter 4 opens with a Nightcrawler monologue about family. What makes one, what shapes us into who we become. But it’s really just a segue to hang out in Lacroix’s head for a while, and I’m very pleased to be here. Much cheerier than Nick’s head, and much more philosophical than Tracy or Nat. But then, I do love my villains – so much so, they sometimes become heroes. Continue reading

RITS: Forever Knight: A Stirring of Dust, Chapter 3

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Okay, guys, unlike this week’s TV recap, I actually was able to make sense of everything that happened in this chapter. Thank goodness. I couldn’t have taken two days of this:


So, we start with Screed. He’s puttering around the sewers, looking for rats to eat, which apparently makes him a carouche, which, as I learned from next week’s episode synopsis, Continue reading