Red Alert

Cover of "Red" (1st Edition) by Catherine Winters. A vampire urban fantasy novel set in Denver, Colorado.Red will be released 9/15. You can get a sample right now from Smashwords. Pre-orders will be available shortly from AmazonBarnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo.

As they become available I will update this post with links.

UPDATE: Red and Black are on sale until 9/15. Normally $3.99 (US), get Black for only $0.99 and pre-order Red for $2.99. If you order both, it’s 2 for the price of 1.

Cover Reveal: BLACK, 3rd Edition

Hey Snowflakes, with no FK recap and no Friday Roundup this week, I know it looks like Catherine is slacking. And to be totally honest she was relaxing on Friday at the Cherry Creek State Park reservoir beach. However that was a well deserved day off because we’ve been hard at work preparing for the re-release of Black and the release of Red.

You can download the sample chapters of Black from Smashwords, or pre-order the ebook from Kobo or iBooks right now. Continue reading

Friday Roundup: Nuts and Bolts

I have been editing for what feels like months. Editing is just the suck. Time suck, energy suck, brain-power suck. And though it’s an integral part of the writing process, especially if you want to publish, it often feels as though it doesn’t get you ahead – and sometimes pushes you back.

Truth is, of course, that editing is almost as important as the writing itself. For a pantser like me – someone who writes without an outline or plot already conceived, “by the seat of my pants” – editing has to happen throughout writing a novel, because I can turn myself around and make terrible things happen to a plot if I’m not checking myself.

So because craft has been on my mind, today’s roundup is about the nuts and bolts of writing – story ideas, tips, and neat shit I found this week. Continue reading

Ask David

If you’ve never been there, you should take a look at the book promotion and review site, Ask David. It’s a hot spot for indie authors – who can submit their books for promotion free of charge – and if you’re looking for something new, you can find hidden treasures there. Ask David only accepts original content from reviewers and authors. So not only do you get new reviews, but you also get new information from the author. The author may write up a different blurb for the book, talk about what inspired her to write it, or give you some other interesting tidbit related to the book. So why not go explore and see what you can find? And if you happen to find a book you’ve read, please give it an honest review, the author will thank you (even if it’s just in her head).

PS: Don’t forget to check out the Ask David page for BLACK.


Have you ever been interested in what inspires a novelist? Ever wanted to know what kind of things help her form a story? Well, now you can take a small peek inside Catherine Winters’ mind. Not only can you listen to the Play List for BLACK on YouTube, but now you can check out her Pinterest Boards. Find the inspiration behind her published work BLACK, as well as works in progress like RED and MADNESS.

Pardon the Dust!

So I’ve been changing things up around here, adding bells and whistles, redecorating a bit; getting Ms. Winters moved in you might say. I think it’s mostly done now, but things may continue to move about as I play around with layouts, widgets, and whatnot. I hope you all enjoy the new look, let us know what you think.


Hello, World!

Took me two days to write this post.













Okay, so here’s the thing: I am terrible at blogging. Like, really terrible. So I warn you in advance this will be a random, inconsistent, and sporadic exercise, but I will do my best.

Mostly, I hope to use the site to let you, my fans, know about any upcoming appearances or releases and to show off my covers and contests. I’ll also take any blog post subject suggestions you’ve got – seriously, anything, and I’ll try to write about it.

I’ll also be putting up excerpts and short stories for free, so if you need a Winters fix between books, this’ll be the place to check.

Welcome to my site! Hope to see you again soon!