RiTS: Forever Knight: A Stirring of Dust, Chapter 7

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Snowflakes! I’m back from big (tiny), exciting (not at all) Holy Week adventures (working at church)! Did you miss me? I missed you. Let’s get recapping!

So, Nick runs off, as usual, with little explanation. Nat just lets him go and tries to go back to work, but before she can, the body in the bag sits up and claws its way out of the bag. She grabs a long scalpel and cries for help. The thing lunges at her, but Nick comes back in just in time and grapples with it. Continue reading

Friday Roundup: Nuts and Bolts

I have been editing for what feels like months. Editing is just the suck. Time suck, energy suck, brain-power suck. And though it’s an integral part of the writing process, especially if you want to publish, it often feels as though it doesn’t get you ahead – and sometimes pushes you back.

Truth is, of course, that editing is almost as important as the writing itself. For a pantser like me – someone who writes without an outline or plot already conceived, “by the seat of my pants” – editing has to happen throughout writing a novel, because I can turn myself around and make terrible things happen to a plot if I’m not checking myself.

So because craft has been on my mind, today’s roundup is about the nuts and bolts of writing – story ideas, tips, and neat shit I found this week. Continue reading

SGRoA: Forever Knight S02 E01: Killer Instinct: Basic Edition

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SEASON TWO!!!!!!!! I’m hoping the show gets more consistent, but I’m also jazzed because the very first episode of this season has a commentary track by co-creator and executive producer James D. Parriott and Nick Knight himself, Geraint Wyn Davies. Do I dare turn that on? I think I do, Snowflakes. I think I dare indeed.

Oh, but they talk over everything. Hmm. But I have learned that the flying scenes were filmed by little remote-control helicopters. And that Geraint is pronounced with a hard G, not a soft one, like I’ve been saying for twenty years. Sorry, Mr. Davies!

You know what, Snowflakes? I think this calls for two recaps. I’ll do my normal shtick, and then I’ll come back and recap the commentary. What do you think? Good idea? Terrible one? Are you guys even reading these? Continue reading


Bloodline: All of the vampires descended, through Deliberate Transformation, from a specific Spontaneous Transformation.

“You’ve noticed that the vampires here all have slightly different abilities?”

I shook my head. “Except Mircalla. She can do some freaky shit.”

“Yes, well. Vampirism didn’t spring up from one isolated source. We all evolved slightly differently in different places, and there are different abilities and characteristics associated with each of these Lines.”

-Josephine and Grant – Black, Chapter 12

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Catherine’s Vampires

I suppose, before I get too far into this project, that I should clarify something about the vampires I am discussing. I’ve already discussed Catherine’s writing process in a previous post. So given the way she writes I can’t definitively discuss all of her vampires unless she stops writing (and we don’t want that, do we?). So what I am talking about in these posts are the European-style vampires that appear in Black.

The vampires from China are mentioned once in Black, and (just as a nasty little tease), I know Josephine briefly interacts with a group of Asian vampires in Red (the as-yet-unpublished sequel to Black). This group has not been fleshed out yet, but Catherine has hinted that these vampires are not the same as the vampires I’m currently exploring. How different will they be, I don’t know. But if and when we get to them, I’m sure I’ll be comparing the two groups.

Deliberate Transformation

Deliberate Transformation: The process of a human becoming a vampire with the aid of a vampire.

The process of Deliberate Transformation varies by line and is never guaranteed to work. Some people just do not survive the conversion process. Hale and hardy or feeble and frail does not necessarily make the difference. It’s just one of those weird things that may have to do with how much the person wants to live, how pure their soul is, or how many Twinkies they ate.

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