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As someone who played Advanced Dungeons & Dragons back in the day, I understand and appreciate the world creation processes that authors go through. Worlds can be little more than our own with a splash of fiction, to highly customized and alien places. They can be created on the fly as the story progresses, or heavily planned in advance. They can be filled with intricate details or painted with broad stokes. However they are created, exploring them can be interesting and fun.

Catherine’s world is pretty much our own, save the existence of vampires. But the addition of vampires is enough to add all kinds of interest. Vampires vary greatly in both folklore and contemporary story telling. The method of creation and destruction; abilities to fly, transform, and control mortals; levels of intelligence and desirability are just some of the variables. Adjusting the different aspects of vampires can create subtle or dramatic variations in what each of us defines as “vampire”. This is one of the aspects of the genre that makes it so interesting and, I think, keeps audiences coming back for more.

So I plan on exploring some of the different aspects of Catherine Winters’ vampires. I’d let Catherine tell you all about it, but she keeps telling me she’s too busy. You’d think that she could find some time between family life, choir, Gatsby, beta reads of Red and Madness, and writing Gold to pump out a few, well thought out, creative, entertaining blog posts. Right? Busy, pfft, whatever.

You will be able to find all posts relating to Catherine’s World in the Winters’ World category and all of my “special” posts in Webmaster Special. Of course these two will overlap for the content I’m talking about here, but they may not both contain all of the same posts over time.

Anyway, come join me in my explorations. Just a word of caution, everything I tell you is a mix of Catherine’s fact and rumor, and my conjecture and opinion; the line between the four is blurry at best.

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