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SEASON TWO!!!!!!!! I’m hoping the show gets more consistent, but I’m also jazzed because the very first episode of this season has a commentary track by co-creator and executive producer James D. Parriott and Nick Knight himself, Geraint Wyn Davies. Do I dare turn that on? I think I do, Snowflakes. I think I dare indeed.

Oh, but they talk over everything. Hmm. But I have learned that the flying scenes were filmed by little remote-control helicopters. And that Geraint is pronounced with a hard G, not a soft one, like I’ve been saying for twenty years. Sorry, Mr. Davies!

You know what, Snowflakes? I think this calls for two recaps. I’ll do my normal shtick, and then I’ll come back and recap the commentary. What do you think? Good idea? Terrible one? Are you guys even reading these?

Okay, so. Flying over Toronto, until we come to a rooftop. Someone’s watching a drug deal go down between a junkie and a guy in a suit. Only in Toronto do drug dealers wear suits. The junkie still owes him from last time, and she’s all, “Give me a couple of days.” He says okay, which seems like a shitty business model, and she leaves. The guy watching kills the dealer, then flees.

But what’s this? Lacroix shows up at the crime scene. We cut to Nick – who’s just got out of a tanning bed, BTW – who feels a disturbance in the force, and then it’s credits time.

Turns out it’s a serial case, as Natalie tells the new captain – Cohen – she found the remnants of a surgical glove at the scene and it was definitely a strangulation, just as at other recent crime scenes. Also, I think we just passed the Bechdel Test. Well done, writers.

An unmarked car pulls up, and Cohen’s all, “Is that who I think it is? It’s his day off. Dude needs to back up off impressing me, yo.” And of course it’s Schenke, in what looks like pajamas.

Reindeer Pajamas Shirt WTF

I mean, look at those reindeer. I won’t believe this is the Canadian version of a Hawaiian shirt. That would be moose, wouldn’t it?

Ooh, they’re at a new precinct. Interesting. I wonder if that was just to explain new casting without killing off Stonetree, or what. Do homicide detectives usually switch precincts?

Oh, wait. Why am I expecting realism from Forever Knight?

Anyway. They have several unsolved homicides with the same M.O. on the books. The vics are always low-level criminals: street thugs, drug dealers. Nick surmises the killer probably thinks he’s doing his “civic duty” by cleaning up the streets. Which is a good theory, actually. Good job, Nick.

IAB shows up, because they think a cop is the perp. Cohen goes to talk to them, Nat heads out for the lab, Schenke starts wondering who the perp could be, and Nick zones out because, we’re meant to assume, of that disturbance in the force, again.

Okay, we need to talk about this. I hope maybe they’ll explain it better in the commentary, but I shouldn’t need a commentary to get part of your vampire rules. And this one I don’t really get. Is it that Nick can always feel Lacroix, because they’re bound by blood? Can he always feel Janette, too? Do his family members have to be in physical proximity for it to work? Because he has been surprised by Lacroix like, a frillion times now, but we’re meant to believe all of a sudden that he can feel the dude just existing? Come on, writers. No. This feels like a convenient power that you pick up and drop when it suits you. Which is so, so tempting, I know, but just don’t do it. If this is a thing, I expect to never see Nick surprised by Lacroix again. I will forgive the first season. But that’s it!

Anyway, it’s Flashback Time! Nick is back in his mullet, accusing an off-screen Lacroix of abandoning him. He says he’s looking, but he can’t find Lacroix. Lacroix tells him not to use his eyes.

Oh, so he turns it on and off? If he hates Lacroix so much, why isn’t that shit always on? I’m still not convinced, FK writers.

Cohen snaps him out of his reverie, wondering if he’s just “communing with the cosmos” in a deliciously snarky tone. Oh, Amanda Cohen, I like you already. Nick says he was just thinking. Schenke asks what IAB had to say, but Cohen doesn’t want to share. She tells Schenke that excessive overtime doesn’t impress her; solved cases do. “Oh, and Schenke,” she says, walking away, “nice deer.”

“They’re moose!” he says, and maybe I misjudged you, Canada. Maybe you’re way more terrible than I thought. Moose shirts. Honestly.

Nick goes to see Janette at The Raven. She complains that he’s more mortal than ever – she could barely feel him when he came in. He says that someone’s looking for him, and she says she’s felt it, too, but she doesn’t know who it is. “Maybe it’s another vampire with a conscience,” she says, “and now he’s looking for a mentor!”

“Don’t mock me,” says Nick.

“Somebody has to,” she returns. She warns him that eventually, they must move on; these lives they construct for themselves are “playthings.” Good advice, as usual.

The next night, Nick wakes to Lacroix’s voice telling him to “wake up to what you are. You’ve been asleep far too long.”

The phone rings and it’s Schenke, with some scuttlebutt on the IAB investigation. They think it’s someone from Nick and Schenke’s new precinct. They found a detachable hood from a PD raincoat near the latest crime scene, and all the cases have occurred within spitting distance of the 96th. Nick isn’t convinced – why would a cop leave evidence like that? He tells Schenke he has some errands to run, and then he’ll be in.

The killer is following more drug deals; Lacroix is following the killer; and Nick, in his car, hears screaming, so he’s first on the scene of the next murder. Or attempted murder – the victim’s still alive, at least until IAB show up after getting an anonymous tip. The vic is holding Nick’s watch, and he gets arrested as Lacroix looks onĀ and laughs.

They take him down to a holding cell. Nat comes to see him and says she got DNA off the last victim, and would he submit to a test? Of course, she’ll have to fake it, because they can’t send vampire blood to the lab, but she’ll get him out of this. She wonders who’s setting him up, and he says it’s another vampire – probably because of “lifestyle prejudice”, which is such a fussy, Nick way to talk about Lacroix, really. “Lifestyle prejudice”. Good gravy.

He flashes back again, to Lacroix’s instruction on being a vampire. Lacroix explains they’re bound together – that if Nick is his slave, so Lacroix is Nick’s, compelled to teach him all about being a vampire and how to leave his mortality behind.

In the cell, Nick says that it seems as though someone’s forcing him to move on, to leave his life – and his friends – behind. Nat says he won’t have to; she’ll help him keep his life.

At Nick’s house, Schenke’s supervising the search, trying to keep people’s grubby hands off Nick’s stuff. And of course, they find the sunbed and Nick’s bottles of blood. Dude. Did you not think they would search your place? You couldn’t send Nat or Janette over to dump that shit? Seriously?


Down at the lab, Nat’s talking to Fabulous Bitch about sending out the DNA samples. She has the killer’s, and Nick’s, and like three others for comparison, I guess? But she wants one more to make sure they don’t have a contaminated sample. One of their orderlies comes in and they take his sample. Do we see where this is going? I do.

FB offers to pack everything up and of course Nat’s like, “Nope, it’s cool, I got this” so she can tamper with evidence and get Nick off. Or not. Because that last sample is going to backfire on you like a forty-year-old Pontiac with no upkeep.

Schenke goes to visit Nick, and after some pained discussion of why Nick isn’t eating, he blurts out his real question: Why is there blood in Nick’s refrigerator? “Paint thickener,” Nick says. “Old European trick to thicken my oils.” Which Schenke buys. He leaves, and Janette pops in. Nick’s all “how’d you get in?” and she’s all, “I’m a vampire. Duh.” She’s there to break him out, on behalf of Toronto’s vampires, because the case is jeopardizing everyone. But before she can, Nick’s lawyer and Schenke come in. They’re moving him to a maximum-security facility in the morning. But what about the DNA? Oh, yeah. You totes did it, dude: that DNA was a match.

Nick keeps asking for Nat as they transport him, and he ends up busting out the back of the van and running. Nat gets the call that the DNA test came back, and she freaks out. “What’s that dude’s last name?” she yells at Fabulous, who gives it to her, but she can’t find him under employees, because the dude quit three days ago. Duh. Because you took his DNA and he knew he was busted.

Nat goes to Schenke with some crazy story about why she switched the DNA samples – Nick’s sun allergy is so severe that if his DNA were tested he’d lose his career. Schenke also buys that, which makes me question how good a detective he is, really. Nat tells him it was this Jeff dude, and he’s going after drug dealers because his brother OD’d last year. Schenke’s all, “I can’t do anything,” and Nat gives him Jeff’s address. Captain Cohen sees them chatting together, then Schenke leaving, and she puts a tail on him. Thank you, Cohen. At least someone’s acting like an actual cop up in here.

Come nightfall, Nick is looking for the vampire who’s set him up. He flashes back to his first lessons of finding other vampires, and he’s trying to put that back into practice. He takes off flying, but he ends up at Jeff’s place, all vamped out. Schenke busts in, gun drawn, and finds Nick. IAB shouts from the parking lot that they should both come out with their hands up, while Jeff takes off to the roof.

Schenke and Nick take off similarly, going after Jeff. Schenke heads to the old distillery, while Nick continues after the vampire. IAB, Captain Cohen, and a bunch of uniforms bust into the apartment, but of course no one’s there by now. They start a neighborhood canvass.

Nick finally finds Lacroix, who can’t believe Nick had no idea it was him. But of course, Nick thought he was dead, so, you know. Lacroix’s all, “Bitch, I am way too old and powerful for that nonsense. Don’t you know anything anymore? Oh, and I’ve totes ruined your stupid mortal life, so, you know. Better move on. With me, of course.”

Jeff is still running, and Schenke’s hot on his heels, as the unis are hot on his.

Nick refuses Lacroix’s offer, and there’s some vamp-fighting, which always sounds cooler than it is.

Would have been way more awesome.

Would have been way more awesome.

Schenke’s closing in on Jeff; Cohen’s closing in on Schenke. She can hear Jeff’s confession, because he obviously isn’t that interested in not being found and is talking to Schenke. Everyone’s holding their fingers over their triggers, and I’m waiting for someone to accidentally shoot themselves. Seriously. Have you guys never held a gun?

Schenke finally finds Jeff, and they’re holding each other at gunpoint when Cohen shows up behind Jeff and puts her gun to his head. He lets Schenke take his gun, and Schenke takes him outside to Cohen’s understated “Nice work.”

Nick gets away from Lacroix just in time to see Jeff taken in, but Lacroix follows and wonders what the point of being human even is. “Blink, and they’ll all be gone,” he says. And then he’s just gone, I guess, because we cut to the precinct and there’s no more vamp-fighting or anything.

Nat gives some cockamamie story to Cohen about messing up the sample labels, and Cohen’s all, “This is awfully convenient. Don’t you think Jeff switched the samples on purpose?” Which would have been a much better story all along, seeing as how Jeff worked in the lab and all, but, you know what?

Professionalism - Just Getting By

Sometimes, not even that much.

This is Forever Knight, after all.

Nick’s back at home, alone, when he feels someone come into his apartment. “Janette,” he says, before seeing her. She says their connection must have gotten stronger, which only means one thing: Lacroix has returned.


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