SGRoA: Forever Knight S02 E13: Crazy Love: Beyonce Edition

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With a title like that, I hope I get to use a ton of Beyonce gifs. Sorry for no recap last week. I’ll be honest: August is the suck. It’s not really summer anymore, but nothing’s started back up for the fall, and I just want to lie in bed and watch TV all day. So, basically, I’m hella lazy, and you guys suffered for it. I’d say I’ll try to be better, but we all know I won’t, so let’s get some recapping done! Dude.

We open on an extreme close-up of a creepy, creepy guy talking about how murder is just lovemaking. Barf. He’s talking to a shrink – Dr. Welsh – about his crimes. Dude is a stone-cold creepazoid, but Dr. Welsh is a consummate professional. Of course, she was talking to him as an agent of the court, determining his fitness for trial. She proclaims him sane and aware of his crimes. She also says he’s a great risk to society. Intercut with her findings is the dude – Barlow – escaping from a psych facility and homing in on his next victim. So, you know, good job, Canada, keeping creepy psychos inside the prison.


Obviously Nick and Schanke pick up the case, and Schanke launches into some pretty heinous mentally-ill shaming right from the get-go. Charming. They know it’s Barlow, and Nick goes to talk to Dr. Walsh. Schanke wants to stay outside, because shrinks give him the creeps. Walsh has been advocating for better security for years, apparently, and this is just a regular old psych hospital. Barlow was sent there for evaluation, but it isn’t a secure facility? Canada. Whut r u doin. Canada. STAHP. Anyway. Walsh tells Nick all about Barlow’s particular psychosis, how he kills to totally possess his victim, how he revels in it, and Nick shifts uncomfortably in his chair. Yeah, dude. Vampires be crazy. I hope this isn’t really news to you. Flashback time! High Renaissance, and Nick meets a young woman who has bite scars all over her neck and shoulders. And he digs right in, which I take to mean that she’s his lover, but we’re back to the hospital before we get any other info on that. Nick’s trying to figure out if Barlow had a motive beyond just wanting to kill, but nope. Dude likes to off the ladies, and that’s what he’s gonna do.

joker A diner waitress is doing the dishes after telling her coworker to go home. She’s listening to the news, and a nurse from the hospital calls her and asks her to call back right away. I guess she was one of Barlow’s victims before? But got away? Anyway, he’s in the diner, and that’s the end of her. Ah, she was a patient. There’s a card in her purse from Dr. Walsh. Captain Cohen pops in to tell Schanke to “solve this thing!” and that no one’s getting to punch out until it’s done. Contractual obligation fulfilled, she hurries away – as does Nick, who wants to go at the crime from “another angle” by going back to see Dr. Walsh. Given that Dr. Walsh interviewed Barlow and was the diner waitress’s shrink, this doesn’t feel like a different angle so much as the best one to go off of, really. But hey, I’m just a writer, not a detective. What do I know about it?

beyonce-1 Ugh, the ’90s camera angles are out of control this episode. Every exterior shot is tilted all to hell. I keep tilting my head to try to make it sensical. So Dr. Walsh has this weird photo album of people she’s treated, over the course of their treatment. Something about writing a book? I don’t know, I’m a little bored. Walsh feels guilty about the waitress dying, and Nick feels like he needs to get into Barlow’s head to anticipate his next move. Walsh talks about eros and thanatos and driving a lover crazy and how orgasm is a little death, and Nick, obviously, flashes back. Renaissance chickie is his lover, and he’s all concerned that she wasn’t seen leaving her house, even though they’re making out on a lawn next to a torch. She wants him to bite her, but he’s all, “You’re getting weak” and she’s all, “I don’t care, go ahead and kill me”. Wow, Nick. You know how to pick ’em. Walsh is going on about Barlow’s lust and emptiness, and how it will only lead to murder. Nick can’t look her in the eye, because he’s identifying just a little too well with Barlow. He practically runs out to his car, looking for all the world like he’s having some sort of breakdown. He gets on the phone, and I think it’s going to be Nat he’s calling, like a sponsor, but no! It’s Janette – a dealer.

She meets him on like, a bridge or something? The settings this episode are weird, yo – just so he can drink from her and remember his Renaissance chickie. He apologizes immediately afterward for “using” Janette, and she tells him it’s fine, she was using him, too. He flashes back to breaking up with RC, then tells Janette he fights so hard to control himself. She tells him he doesn’t have to worry about that with her, and invites him to her bed, but he has to work, so he’s off. Oh, Janette. You’re so kind to him. I don’t know why you bother.

The next night at the lab, Nick seems much more normal as he asks for her findings in the two recent Barlow killings. One of the women was sexually assaulted, but not the other, which brings into question whether or not Barlow committed both crimes. Turns out the primary doctor for both victims wasn’t Walsh, but some guy named Sillman. The first victim was scheduled to go home, too, but Sillman said she had some sort of relapse and kept her on at the hospital. Looking pretty sneaky there, Sillman.

beyonce-71789149 At the hospital, Walsh is comforting a patient and telling him he’ll be okay. She shows him out of the office and then stands around looking tired until Nick comes in to ask some questions about Sillman. He’s on vacation, won’t be back till next month. So Nick asks Walsh about the first victim – why wasn’t she sent home? Walsh gives him the deets: she was making good progress, but then she backslid, and hey, they don’t have HIPPA in 1994, so I’ll just tell you everything you could ever want to know about my patients! Canada. STAHP. She says that Nick doesn’t have time to wait for Sillman to get back. Barlow’s going to kill again, because killers are predictable. Predictably, Nick flashes back.

He leaves his lover only to run into Lacroix, who’s being all sarcastic about Nick being in lurve. Nick’s all guilty about it, of course, and Lacroix’s all, “I don’t see the problem with a woman who wants to die in your arms, dude.” And Nick says, “But then I can’t possess her,” and Lacroix says he understands. Vampires want to possess, but of course, possession destroys the object. Vampires possess nothing, until they kill again. “It never ends,” says Nick. “I know!” says Lacroix, laughing.

Nick and Schanke finally get around to watching the surveillance footage from the hospital. Barlow tried to attack a woman in the hall before he was put back in his room pre-escape, so Nick and Schanke think he’ll try to get to her again – and she was just discharged. Barlow breaks into her apartment as Nick and Schanke are on the way; they’re close enough that Nick can hear the attack going down, but he stays in the car for once and they manage to show up before Barlow kills her. They take him in with no violation of rights! Good job, guys!

tumblr_n01k79AJRf1qh9nffo1_500 When taking Barlow’s statement, they realize – through throwing in fake questions – that Barlow didn’t kill the first victim. So, yeah, he’s locked up again – but who killed the first girl, and who helped him escape? Cut to Walsh in her patient’s room, telling her that she can’t go home just yet, they have more work to do. The patient replies, “That’s what you said last time. And the time before,” and Walsh relents, but is clearly peeved about it. “Fine,” she snaps, “I’ll take you home.”

Nick and Schanke are trying to put it together in the car. It wasn’t another patient – why help someone else escape? – so it must have been one of the staff. They head off to the hospital to look up Sillman’s records on the first victim. Which are noticeably lacking any note that Sillman thought she shouldn’t be released. Walsh, meanwhile, gets her patient’s coat and is all, “Get in the car, you’re going home.” Yeah, that’s not weird.Nick and Schanke discover that Walsh has been countermanding a bunch of release orders. They find the last patient’s release to be rescinded and go to her room, but of course she’s not there – Walsh took her home.

In the Renaissance, Nick’s trying to break up with his girlfriend again. She’s not having it, though, and Nick kills her. This somehow turns into his House epiphany, and he knows that Walsh is killing people. So he goes to her office and listens to her recorded case notes. Sure. Makes sense. Something in the notes about the latest patient makes him run off, telling Schanke to call it in. He takes to the air, looking for Walsh’s car – a pretty sweet Mercedes SL convertible, even if it is red. Meanwhile, Walsh has taken her patient to a park and is about to kill her with something in a syringe when Nick finds them. So Dr. Walsh kills herself instead. Sure. Makes sense.

Beyonce-getting-old Nick flashes back one last time. Lacroix is waxing philosophical about the nature of vampiric hunger and how he loves it, loves drinking them down and then doing it all over again the next night. Nick looks at his dead girlfriend and listens to Lacroix and basically looks disgusted and miserable. As usual. In the coda, Nick fills Nat in on Walsh’s MO and confesses that he knows all about being a killer and why people do it. Nat says that that’s all in the past, and then walks away. So Nick goes to meet Janette again, because at least she understands.

Next week: I have no idea! The episode is called “Baby, Baby” but the description is super vague! Nick can prevent a murder or reconcile his past! That’s the whole series! So let’s have one more pic of the flawless Miss Bey instead!


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