SGRoA: Forever Knight S03 E02: Black Buddha, Part 2

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Morning, Snowflakes! The novel recap will be up on Friday, but until then, let’s recap the show!

This ep starts with the credits. Hmmm. Interesting. But after that, we’re back into the bombing investigation, with Nick being accosted by the press on the steps of the precinct. 23 cops died in the bombings at the end of the last episode.

Reese asks Nick where Tracy is, but of course Nick doesn’t know. Reese asks a uniform to call her house and her cell, I guess? And not to call her parents, obviously.

OH! Now they tell us the name of the bomber – Vudu. Because of the tune on the music boxes. Reese can’t figure out why people bomb stuff, because there doesn’t seem to be any personal motive. And then he Godwins the episode by comparing Vudu to Hitler.


Nick plays Devil’s Advocate about mass murders, pointing out that Hiroshima and Nagasaki fit the description.

In the sewers, some weird bald vampire is telling Vachon to “boozle” Tracy. “She won’t whammy,” says Vachon, so Baldy says he should kill her. And then asks to bite her, to which Vachon takes exception. Baldy asks why Vachon brought her there, and Vachon says, “The Inca.” Muy mysterioso.

Nick goes to the church to look for Tracy, and of course doesn’t find her, but does find The Inca. They start vamp-fighting.

Baldy bails at the mention of the Inca, and Tracy starts yelling about diseases in the sewer. Seems like there are more important things you should be scared of, but, you know, OCD isn’t very rational, is it?

The Inca and Vachon each tell the same story to their respective interlocutors, and it starts when they’re both human, which is interesting. Vachon was a conquistador, and The Inca was an Inca, whose name is still not given us. They battled until dark, and were turned by the same woman. Vachon calls the turning the most erotic thing he’s ever experienced, and Tracy looks verrrrrry interested. homersimpson

The master vampire had a bunch of weirdly philosophical reasons for turning them, and she killed herself after she made them, walking into the sun. She wanted them to end senseless killing, to punish those who don’t love life or something. I don’t know. It’s fucking weird, and all this talk of Hitler and eternal orders is…not the FK I know and love.

Vudu is planting his next bomb in the sewers, where Baldy is creeping and eating rats, while Lacroix talks about…something. Nick goes to see Lacroix at the Raven, asking after Vachon. Lacroix points Nick to Urs, who hangs out with Vachon. I forgot about Urs. She tells Nick that Vachon is always running, and then Vachon picks up the story, saying that he doesn’t want to be stuck with the Inca for all eternity. Tracy’s all, “But you should keep up your end of the bargain!” and he’s all, “Um, whut? I didn’t ask for any of this, and why should I have to put up with an enemy I was trying to kill?”

Team Vachon, guys. Team Vachon all the way.

Baldy gets back to his lair, babbling about the “transistors” that some dude is leaving in the sewers, only to find Nick strong-arming Vachon about Tracy’s whereabouts. He’s let Tracy go, but Nick says that she’s Vachon’s responsibility now, and he has to keep her from getting killed by Enforcers. Then he dispenses some helpful life advice – “Eternity is a long time to keep running” – and takes off.

Reese gives Tracy a dressing-down when she gets back to the station, and then tells her to call her father, because apparently she’s 12.


Like, I know her dad is the commish and whatever, but come on. She’s a professional. Please treat her like one.

She tells Reese what she knows about the bombing – that the copilot brought a wrapped package on board that no one checked. Reese thanks her for that, and then reminds her to call home.

Nat comes in, and this episode passes the Bechdel test! Well, kind of, since Nat doesn’t know they’re talking about a man. Tracy’s all, “Have you ever had something amazing happen to you, and then it turned out to be shitty?” and starts crying, which, you know, she’s had a hard night. And day, I think. Nat comforts her.

After their shift, Nat goes to Nick’s place and he fills her in on Tracy and Vachon. So Nick knows everything, and knows that Tracy knows about vampires. Does he ever actually tell her? It seems it would make working with her easier, but I don’t remember if his weirdness gets in the way.

They call the copilot’s sister into the station to ask about the bomber. Apparently he was charming, good-looking, and great in bed, and that the copilot had a man in every port. Nick asks Tracy if her “informant” had anymore info, and she says no, and he’s all “Well, some relationships aren’t meant to be.”

To which she rightly is all, like, “Why did you say that?” Nick brushes it off as referring to informants, and Tracy’s all, “Oh. Well, yeah. I think this guy’s a dead end” and then laughs at her own pun, which she tells Nick is an inside joke that he wouldn’t get.

Heh. Dead end. Tracy, I think I like you.

Vachon goes to the Raven to tell Urs he’s leaving, and she’s all, “But I want to stay.” He tells her she can, they’re not a crew anymore, and he’ll check in when he’s settled. She’s disappointed, and tells him that the Inca will just find him again.

At the precinct, Tracy is profiling Vudu and insisting that there’s going to be another bombing in two days, to keep up his ritual. Everyone decides she’s right, and they’re off to find clues.

Tracy stops for coffee and the bomber literally runs into her and introduces himself.

There’s a lot of Nick looking through stuff and Lacroix blathering about the futility of forensic psychology. Nick goes into the office early, but Tracy doesn’t. She runs into the bomber instead, and they trade numbers, and he leaves a package with her “by mistake”. Vachon is watching all this, and Nick is figuring out that Vudu bombs places of authority – using women on the inside to deliver the bombs.


Everybody’s wearing high-waisted, light-wash jeans today, and it’s so adorably 90s. The Inca brings in one of the bombs Vudu’s planted underground, so they know where to look. Tracy calls her new friend, the “underground engineer”, and catches him at a…travel agent’s? At the airport? Anyway, wherever he is, Vachon is there, listening in. Vudu tells her that he’s seen the bombs – “I thought they were the new gas meters” – and tells her to meet him under St. Patrick’s station, where he’s seen them – and bring the shopping bag.

He gets off the phone and tries to get a cab, but Vachon stops him.

Meanwhile, Nick and Baldy are under the city, speeding around all vamp-style, picking up bombs. Good work, guys!

Vudu has gotten away from Vachon and is lurking near the station when Tracy shows up. He triggers the bomb in the shopping bag.

Reese calls Nick to give him an update on Tracy, and Nick gets the call underground. Toronto must have AMAZING cell service. Anyway, Nick says he’s around the corner, he’ll be right there, because Tracy refuses to leave the bomb until the bomb squad shows up. She’s about to drive it into the lake when Vudu shows up with a gun. He makes her open the box and sit down to wait for it to go off, which…doesn’t really fit his psych profile, does it?

Vachon shows up and kills Vudu, followed by Nick and the Inca. The bomb isn’t disarmable, so the Inca takes it and flies out over the lake, where he blows up.

Vachon pretends to mojo Nick, and Nick goes along with it for Tracy’s sake, even though…again, why don’t they just let her in on it? Anyway, Nick can barely keep a straight face about it, which is delightful.

In the coda, Vachon has decided to stay at the church, and Tracy is glad. Nick visits Schanke’s grave and has a discussion about mortality with Nat, which makes me want more Tracy and Vachon, because they’re fun. I mean, no, Schanke dying isn’t “fun”, but, you know. Nat and Nick are always so morose.

Next week: A run-in with Narcotics! A bad cop! An innocent person accused! It’s that one episode from every season of Law & Order!

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    2 thoughts on “SGRoA: Forever Knight S03 E02: Black Buddha, Part 2

    1. Screed (played by the late Greg Kramer) is a character I disliked at first but has grown on me in later viewings. I suspect he and Vachon were created in the style of “Vampire: The Masquerade” RPG characters (Nosferatu and Brujah – yes, I used to play RPGs and the only reason I don’t now is because grad school takes up too much time), since FK never had any problem using pop culture for plot lines and characters.

      URS was the first time I remember seeing Kristin Lehman on my TV, before she appeared on practically every Canadian-filmed TV show of the last 20 years. (I exaggerate, but not by much.)

      As for “Black Buddha,” this was an episode with plot-holes big enough to drive the Titanic through (including the pointless death of the Inca), but I’m willing to cut it some slack because it had to introduce so many new characters, played by actors trying to get a handle on their new roles. After this, however, no slack will be given.

    2. Aw, you have to give them some slack. It is, after all, Crimetime After Primetime that moved to syndication. It ain’t AMC or HBO, here.

      Plus, if they were perfect, I wouldn’t be able to use all my gifs and pics, would I? 😉

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