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It’s snowing, Snowflakes. I mean, I know it’s snowing in a lot of places, and yes, it snows in Denver, but it’s been snowing like every other day and it hasn’t gotten warm and nothing’s melting. Blech. I need my 50-degree days between snows, okay? I’m used to them!

Anyway. Recaps don’t take snow days – and neither does MiniWinters’s school! – so let’s get to it!

An old man – I want to say Native American, but I believe in Canada it’s First Nations? – is performing a ritual, with chanting and smoke. There seems to be a vision going on? of two First Nations people meeting in the woods, a young man and a young woman. The woman calls the man “Grandfather”, and he ends up dead, just as the old dude does, and this wakes the woman in the vision from the vision? Or it was a dream? Anyway, dude’s dead, and granddaughter is crying in bed.

Developers want to build a shopping mall, but the local First Nations tribe says it’s their land, so they’re protesting the developer. Vachon ends up on TV, taking the side of the tribe. Tracy watches sort of slack-jawed as she gets ready for work, and then heads off to the crime scene.

Gary Blackwing is our victim. Nat finds a knife set with one obsidian knife missing, and assumes it’s the murder weapon. Nick can’t touch it – it’s ceremonial/religious. So that answers a question, doesn’t it?

Gary had the original surveyor’s letter to prove ownership of the land, says a friend of his at the scene. So there’s your motive. Granddaughter shows up, and she’s all, “Oh, I totes knew he was dead, yo.” Nick touches her – to comfort? – and they both share a vision of Nick vamping out. So…there’s all sorts of weird “mysticism” on top of Gary being a “medicine man”.

McKayla Maroney

They take Granddaughter and Friend down to the station and stick them in an interview room. Granddaughter (whose name was mentioned, but I missed it) tells the detectives all about the “spirit walk” she took in her sleep, seeing Gary, and seeing him be murdered in the dream.

Nat accedes that close family members often have a psychic bond, but also accedes it’s not admissible. Tracy suggests that Granddaughter perform some ceremony to go back to the spirit walk and talk to Gary, but Friend is all, “Um, yeah, no. Let’s go.” Before they leave, though, GD and Friend have a discussion about Nick. He’s “surrounded by darkness”, but there is a light trying to break free, says GD. Friend is all, “It’s part of your power. You can heal.” Friend then tells Nick this, and Nick’s all *sigh*.


Nick starts having visions of the spirit walk, which cause him to stop his car and fly somewhere. This must be GD’s dream, because she’s the only person in it, and it’s intercut with her sleeping. Nick somehow lands in the vision? Oh, he’s in her bedroom. Just, you know, letting himself in. GD doesn’t take a weapon to him or tell him to leave or anything, and Nick is pretty handsy with her. And then she with him. What is going on here? And then they’re back in the vision, making out? GD cuts both their arms with a ceremonial knife and mingles their blood while they suck face.


Aside from all the weird mystic shit – which is easier to swallow on this show, let’s be honest – why are they all lovey-dovey all of a sudden? I mean, forget the professionalism aspect, too. They’ve known each other for, like, two hours. I don’t care how hot I think you are, you break into my house after two hours, I am going to scream bloody murder and maybe pull a weapon.

Anyway. Nick tucks her in – it’s unclear if there was actual sex or just mystic bullshit – and leaves.

He calls Nat the next day and says he feels better, and wants Nat to come check him out. She tells him to stay out of the sun, that it probably didn’t do anything, but Nick’s all stupid about it and fries his hand in the sun. He’s still convinced that something has changed, and hey, maybe it’s just that you had an orgasm? Like, that’ll make you pretty happy, dude.

GD stares into her own mirror and is all sort of intense-frowny-face at it, so I guess she’s taking on Nick’s darkness? Maybe?


At…a lawyer’s? The courthouse? some young dude is talking to Friend and trying to get him to take “the settlement”, because it’s guaranteed. Young Dude is the tribe’s lawyer, apparently. I guess it’s a court, because an older woman is in some sort of…robe, I guess? Canada, whut r u wearing?


I guess they’re at some hearing about the shopping mall. Lawyer says that they have the surveyor’s letter, and Friend is all, “But dude who had it was murdered for it” and then the judge gives them a week to find it or she’ll dismiss the case. OK, fine. But then GD butts in like suddenly she’s a part of the case, just because Gary was. Judge is all, fine, you can be a plaintiff, too, even though…no. That’s not how lawsuits work.

It's all of Canada, isn't it?

It’s all of Canada, isn’t it?

Nat goes to Nick’s to check him out. He’s normal, but he says he doesn’t feel guilty anymore. Nat makes a quip about sending her soul out for dry-cleaning. Yes. I like Sassy Nat. She thinks Nick is just having a placebo-effect reaction, and Nick’s all mad about it, despite the fact that he still burns up and had blood for breakfast. He says that not feeling like a vampire is progress enough.

Tracy’s at Gary’s place when GD shows up, looking sort of…evil? Her hair’s all down and floofy, so obviously something’s going on. She talks to Tracy about using the power she inherited from Gary, and Tracy says she can use it to go through his stuff. They have a long, boring backstory conversation.

Tracy then goes to see Vachon, who tells her that he’s seen the surveyor’s letter. He talks about the French and Indian war and about fighting for the underdog in general, and then it’s Vachon Flashback Time! Which is just him eating some people and then him signing a treaty between the French (?) and the tribes. But the treaty was stolen, and Vachon searched for it for years.

Nick’s back in the vision, macking on GD. She says she helped him, now she needs him to help them, and then she runs away, leaving Nick with bloody hands. He wanders through the forest until he finds some other dude with a slit throat. Who? Who knows?


Nick goes into the precinct, but immediately gets sent on a call – the developer’s lawyer is dead in his car. Throat slit. It’s the dude from the vision. TOD is just before Nick woke from the dream.

MARIAN! That’s GD’s name. Dude, we’ve only got, like, 13 minutes left of this episode. You’d think they’d have called her something before this.

Nick tells Marian about the dream, and that he didn’t see who killed the lawyer. Tracy calls Vachon to make sure he didn’t have anything to do with it, and he tells her no, but she needs to find the letter.

Captain Reese tells Nick that Marian’s a suspect, and Nick offers to “handle” her.

Nat thinks it’s two different killers – Gary’s killer was more hesitant than Lawyer’s.

Nick goes out driving around, listening to Lacroix tell the listening public Native American legends. Something about how the Raven turned black, and how you can’t wash away your true colors, I guess?

Guys, I can’t tell you how much boring shit is going on in these scenes. Like, there’s all this talk talk talking, and then it’s one sentence’s worth of information. This whole episode is so fucking weird, and now YET ANOTHER person is being stabbed! THREE victims in one episode about a land dispute?


And while the guy is being stabbed, Nick is in the dreamscape, squinting into the light and being pointed at by Marian. He wakes up when his police radio goes off (I guess you have to have one in the house, or something?), requesting him at the scene of the crime.

But he doesn’t go to the scene? Because Reese is yelling at Tracy about it, and then Tracy goes to see Nat and asks where Nick is, but Nat hasn’t seen him.

Nick is at Marian’s place, where he runs into Friend, but Marian isn’t there. Friend says that Marian took away Nick’s darkness, and now he has the power of the elders in him, and can find Marian by using the spirits.


Nick goes to see Nat, and tells her that he thinks he’s been killing people.

Tracy goes to serve a warrant on someone named Mr. Bland, but I have no idea who that is.

Nick tells Nat about the dreams and all, and Nat’s like, “Um, this is weird, WTF. But are you holding the knife in these visions?” Nick doesn’t know. He says he’s looking through his eyes, but not his eyes, and he figures out it’s Marian, who’s taken the killer out of him and into herself.

Tracy finds a tape of someone saying he’ll hold up Gary, and some other guy saying he’ll be compensated. Which proves…I don’t know, actually, because no one has talked about the actual MURDERS they’ve been supposedly investigating.

Young Lawyer goes to Gary’s to look for the surveyor’s letter, and Marian catches him. She says she knows where it is. But before she tells him, she has a vision of YL with the knife, and he goes to stab her, but Nick busts in and stops him. YL pulls a gun on a vamped-out Nick, but before he can shoot, Friend throws a knife at YL and kills him.

Oh, no, YL did stab her, and now she’s dying, but Nick tells her it wasn’t her fault that she killed. But did she kill? Or did YL do it? Or it was both of them?


The surveyor’s letter is in a paiting, and Nick says that Gary told him where to find it while he was on the spirit plane. There’s a bunch more random mystical shit about healers taking on pain and transferring it out of themselves, and there’s Vachon’s signature, and that’s the end.


Next week: Vampire dogs! Attacking rapists! Makes more sense than anything in this episode did!

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    3 thoughts on “SGRoA: Forever Knight S03 E04: Blackwing: WTF Edition

    1. “He says that not feeling like a vampire is progress enough.”
      I think this is where the producers finally decided 100% that the point of Nick’s search was for redemption, not necessarily for humanity. For Nick, being human was the only way he knew that he could be redeemed … probably something to do with his being raised Roman Catholic and believing in the RC forgiveness of sins. This gave him an easier way out. I wonder if he would still have been burned by a holy item after having his soul dry-cleaned?

      This episode DOES go way over the daily recommended allowance of woo-woo-by-nonwhite-cultures. The only thing that remotely saves it is the wonderfully snarky best friend (Jess, played by Denis LaCroix).
      JESS: A great darkness surrounds you, it strangles your spirit. (pause) You’re not married are you, Detective?
      NICK: No.
      JESS: It couldn’t be that then

      You’re right that the actual homicide investigation was shuffled into the nearest trash bin. What’s odd is that even as the show was spiralling out of control in this final season, there was a character who kept noticing but couldn’t fix it: Captain Reese. In many ways, I felt like him this season as he, and we, kept saying, “WTF?”

      Missed opportunity: DON’T have Nick reclaim his own darkness from Marian, and then see what happens in the rest of the season when he FEELS fine but is still a vampire. But, as I said, the producers decided the show is about the search for redemption, so he had to reset at the end.

      Another fine recap and review.

      • Yes, yes, yes on Captain Reese. I feel like most of his scenes are him staring around like, “What in the hell is happening?” and then just having to go with it.

        The “woo-woo by non-white cultures”, as you put it, was so off-putting, too. It didn’t dispose me well to this episode to begin with, but then it was all just such a mess that I didn’t feel bad for judging.

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